‘I Ran Home to Grab a Measuring Tape and Then Returned’

Pricey Diary:

I dwell in Astoria. A person day, although I was out walking and conversing on the cell phone with my mother, I saw a porter put a stunning corner cupboard future to a pile of trash exterior the church a couple of doors down from my building.

It was a high quality piece that I understood would look wonderful in my apartment, so I ran house to seize a measuring tape and then returned to see whether it was the proper size.

As I was measuring, I listened to a mild voice from driving me.

“Will it fit?”

I turned close to to see a young person standing there.

I mentioned goodbye to my mother and turned back again to the youthful person.

“I assume so,” I said.

“I will have it for you, if you’d like,” he explained.

How could I refuse?

Devoid of stating a phrase, he lifted the cupboard up very easily and hoisted it in excess of his shoulder. We set off down the road and then up the stairs when we got to my making.

As soon as we had gotten within and the cupboard was in location, I wasn’t confident how to thank him.

He seen my piano.

“Will you engage in me a song?”

— Katie Coleman

Expensive Diary:

I hopped into a taxi that was stopped at a pink light-weight on Park Avenue. The taxi was immaculate, and the driver was, as my mom and dad would say, a true gentleman.

Suddenly, midway to the place I was likely, he asked: As we are at a purple light, could I feed the birds?

Of course, I nodded.

He hopped out of the cab clutching a significant bag of seed and began to spread it amongst a sizable team of pigeons that were loitering on the shopping mall.

Do you do this normally? I questioned when he returned.

It is really hard to obtain a food in winter, especially for smaller birds, he reported.

Then he burrowed into one more bag to toss a significant bread crumb or two to an expectant sparrow.

— Marcia D.B. Levy

Pricey Diary:

My husband returned from lunch quite forlorn. One particular of his earbuds had popped out on the way residence, bounced off a pile of leaves and fallen by means of a sewer grate.

Looking down, he could see it resting on some leaves down below. Pondering he could possibly be in a position to fish it out, he wrapped a extended twine to a penlight with a magnetic handle. He was equipped to lift it as higher as the sewer grate, which was as well narrow to get it as a result of.

He experienced to get to a meeting, so he was compelled to give up. I resolved to give it a consider prior to the solar established.

Armed with a tiny but highly effective magnet tied to a very long twine, I seemed by the grate, spied the earbud and experimented with my luck. I, way too, managed to get it on the magnet, but I couldn’t get it by the grate both, and it fell again down.

“Fishing for a little something?” I read a man say.

I turned all-around to discover two design workers standing there. I told them what I was fishing for. One particular of them taken off the grate, asked for the magnet and pulled the earbud up easily. Then he put the grate back on, and they walked absent.

— Miriam K. Tierney

Expensive Diary:

i was on a roof in Brooklyn searching down
and had a digital camera packed, pulled it out
and loaded my previous black & white roll of movie.
patiently keeping however.

observed an empty bird’s nest on a window sill.
guess they all discovered to fly, want ’em very well.

observed a perfectly-dressed female set mail in her purse
and a tricycle with a missing wheel in the grime.

for what it’s value:
a photograph’s the only path to time journey in reverse.

across the street,
what looked like a castle at initial
was genuinely just the back of the church.

if I acquired to the rooftop previously,
would’ve had extra time ahead of the moon turning up.

so it was not that lengthy till i set the lens cap back on
and I walked downstairs — rapid ahead:

back on the block on to the practice platform
and the doors ended up open up,
what extra could I talk to for?

— Leo Coltrane

Expensive Diary:

I was crossing Madison Avenue on a really warm August working day. Targeted visitors was mainly frozen as a Cadillac edged earlier a truck and stopped for the light.

The driver of the truck obtained out and begun yelling at the driver of the Cadillac, whose windows ended up rolled up.

“What are you stupid or some thing?” he yelled.

The Cadillac’s window rolled down slowly but surely.

“Stupid?” the gentleman at the rear of it said. “Who’s driving the truck and who’s driving the Cadillac?”

— Alan H. Zwiebel

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Illustrations by Agnes Lee

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