The Most Popular Large-Capacity Wine Coolers of 2022

The Most Popular Large-Capacity Wine Coolers of 2022

Large Capacity Wine Fridges

The number of wine lovers around the world is staggering. This is why having a wine cooler is a trend that has come to stay.

With this love for wine, proper storage is significant. Wine coolers are numerous. They differ in size and specifications. For instance, a wine cooler UK may differ from what is obtainable elsewhere. However, when buying a wine cooler for wine storage, ensure it meets your requirements and purpose.

Also, size is important. Some may require small wine coolers, but you will need a large wine cooler if you consume wine frequently. This will ensure you can store as many bottles as possible at a go.

This article will look at large-capacity wine coolers you should buy to keep dozens of bottles in the right condition and ready for consumption at any time.

The Liebherr WS17800

Liebherr is a widely acclaimed manufacturer of quality refrigerators. The Liebherr WS17800 is a freestanding wine cooler known for its noiselessness and great energy efficiency. It stands at an impressive 28 inches.

The Liebherr WS17800 comes with multiple temperature zones and can house 178 bottles. This allows you to arrange your wine collection as much as you want. Other features of the Liebherr WS17800 include LED lighting and UV-resistant glass door

This appliance also comes with Soft System doors that close gently. It is also equipped with activated charcoal filters, which help prevent odors that can damage your wine.

The Gaggenau RW466765

The Gaggenau RW466765 is popular for its smart cooling ability. It stands at 24 inches. It has three cooling zones and can occupy 99 bottles. You have the freedom to arrange your wine collection on nine racks fashioned from quality oak and anthracite. It also has a unique ultra-intuitive TFT Touch Display™ feature that allows you to regulate the temperature of each zone. Even the LED lighting can be adjusted according to the owner’s preferences.

If you buy a Gaggenau product, you will be able to view information concerning your appliance on your mobile device, courtesy of the innovative Home Connect app. This way, you can observe changes in temperature and humidity and make adjustments when needed.

The Summit SWC1966BCSS

One great advantage of buying the Summit SWC1966BCSS is its installation flexibility. Some refrigerators may be efficient, but their installation could prove quite difficult. That is where the Summit SWC1966BCSS wins the heart of many.

And if you choose this brand, you can go for either a freestanding or built-in wine refrigerator type. It stands at 24 inches, is energy-efficient, and can take in 162 bottles. It has 13 racks that allow you to arrange your wine collection as you want. Other features include a digital thermostat which allows you to regulate the temperature. It is equipped with a temperature alarm that will alert you in case of a significant temperature drop.

The Summit SWC1966BCSS is also equipped with another alarm that alerts you when the door is mistakenly left open. A lock feature allows you to keep your wine safe from encroachment. This appliance is eco-friendly since it is made without ozone-disrupting compounds.


A wine cooler is what you need to keep your precious wine collection in the proper condition. However, if you need something large to accommodate your expansive collection, a large-capacity wine cooler is ideal. The brands given above are among the best in the market.

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